Photo Challenge: Earth

Of course I could have chosen a beautiful sunset or a charming landscape, but because tomorrow is Earth Day, here is a photo of the harm we do to the most beautiful Earth. 

This photo is from Belize just outside a luxurious resort and shows what life looks like on the other side of the fence where  sand isn’t being raked three times a day as if it were a much-loved Zen garden. 

I wish we combed and cared for every grain of sand like the Zen gardens.  They feel so false when this lay just outside. 


My first impressions of Greece were possibly brought about by a Russian taxi driver not too subtly telling me it was ok to fuck strangers on vacation. Thrilled this way too friendly man already knew where I was staying, I invented friends in the city and a make believe itinerary to answer his endless questions while I stared out the window waiting to reach my hotel. The city seemed to stretch out as far as the eye could see, with graffiti everywhere and something about the landscape reminded me more of a Middle Eastern city than any European capital I know.

I took one amazing walking tour my first night of the hidden gems of Athens. I had another walking tour scheduled that never happened and a eating tour that was a disappointing and awkward one-on-one meal at one completely empty restaurant. I felt like I was on a very bad blind date with my female tour guide.


The 2016 solo adventure is booked!

Initially I was considering Peru and an inclusive tour traveling between the Amazon, Lake Titicaca and hiking Machu Picchu. After reading several blogs and articles, the mosquitos talked me out of the trip (for now). One blog suggested slathering yourself in an unscented shampoo building a barrier between your skin and the mosquitos…which sounds incredibly disgusting and not what I’m in the mood to sign up for this trip. After remembering the number of mosquitos I met on my trip to Belize, and considering the zika virus… I decided to pass (for now).  

Then I considered where else I would want to travel alone and again and again I was dreaming of the Mediterranean Sea I fell in love with last year. So…rather than go to Italy for the fourth time… I will be taking my longest and farthest adventure yet! Fifteen days in Athens and three Greek islands. And, after spending over 24 hours in the Barcelona airport last year, I made sure to end my trip on a Friday in case there is another crazy delay.