This girl dreads packing like nobody’s business.  Never, NEVER have I ever brought everything I needed for a trip without having to shop, do laundry, or just regret what I didn’t bring.  There have always been things forgotten, shoulda, coulda, woulda brought different things had I known more about the circumstances.  (I swear I’m not a hoarder!!)  I just really like to be prepared for whatever comes up and have the perfect outfit.

While I was in Afghanistan, replanning my Italian adventures, I decided I would travel light and bought the Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) travel pack based on a review done by Seattle’s Travels.  It is an amazing backpack and I’m really looking forward to carrying it on planes, trains, boats and automobiles… if only someone else would pack it for me… PLEASE!  ANYBODY??

Never have I ever… felt so limited in what I could bring.  I feel like my camera is going to take up half of the space in this bag.  Where on earth will I put my shoe collection?

MEC Wayfarer Travel Pack

4 thoughts on “ONE PACK FOR ONE WEEK

  1. I feel like I should have packed you. I can pack like no tomorrow! Who packs 8672 kids’ junk into 2 suitcases (one small, one large) for six weeks on the country express? This girl! I feel like I failed in my task at your house on Sunday and this weekend sounds too close to departure. Friend Fail. I owe you drinks.

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