In celebration of my birthday, we had a potluck for lunch on Friday at the office.  Although the intentions were lovely, I have previously been traumatized by potlucks.  How does that happen you may ask?  Well, let me explain and please please let me know if I’m going a bit overboard with my fears!

It was a Thanksgiving potluck in the office a few years back.  A few people were already in when I arrived at the office and at least one crock-pot was already working its magic.  When we ate, it was a nice looking and smelling spread.  The entire office gorged on the feast and then…before the line for seconds on the chili started, the chef began to brag about his ingenuity.  “Guess what I brought the chili in?”  Ummm… a taped up crock-pot?  NO… we all wished that was the answer.  I looked in my little black work trash while he was telling us and it was like a slow motion train crash!

How none of us had seen, OR how he thought this was appropriate, I will never ever know.  This lovely co-worker transported his chili in a kitty litter jug and then transferred it into the crock-pot before anyone had arrived to observe this.

Not only is a kitty litter jug, NOT OK for food, but it was scary to see other co-workers try to reason out that it was fine.  Some of the responses included…

  • He probably bleached it.  It’s ok if you bleach it.  Sometimes I bleach my dishes.  — Do people really think bleaching dishes is normal?  Would that really make you feel better if you were eating kitty litter jug chili?
  • Another reaction was he probably put it in the dishwasher.  Am I the only one who thinks NO the dishwasher is not getting the toxins out or cleaning that jug in a way that I want to EAT out of it?!

I’m actually not sure whether it was the kitty litter jug or other people’s reasoning that scared me most.  I try really, really hard to be polite and try everything at potluck’s but there are some amazingly special people out there and I try not to assume everyone has the same standard’s of cleanliness that seem normal.

That November day I left pretty quickly after I learned about this kitty litter delicacy.  I had to call everyone I know and confirm that indeed THIS IS VERY NOT OK.  Luckily (because I have awesome friends and family) they all were quick to tell me I’m not crazy.  We definitely determined you can reuse the kitty litter jug for gardening or garage use, but absolutely NO food stuff.  I’m all about recycling and repurposing, but in the future dear co-workers, family, friends, strangers and restaurants… do not test my immune system or patience… I am not a fan of kitty litter.

My birthday potluck was much less traumatic, and very delicious!  Miss Scarlett made the most amazingly delicious margarita  AND apple pie cupcakes!

8 thoughts on “MY LUCK A POTLUCK

  1. Happy (belated?) Birthday Beth! I’m not sure exactly what pot luck is, but a big no no to foodstuffs in a kitty litter container! Yuk!
    Jane x

    • Thank you Jane! A potluck involves everyone cooking a favorite dish and you end up with a mishmash of foods. In theory it’s not a bad idea.

  2. So wrong on so many levels. Has that person not heard of tupperware or similar? And to even mention/boast about it makes for a significant lack of insight. My guess, sorry to say, is Mr Insight-less would have just rinsed the container. Just a guess – he’s single? 🙂

    Glad your birthday bash went a lot better. Cheers.

  3. A kitty litter jug, really? Ok, I’m a guy, my standards of what’s still edible are pretty low. Along the lines of “if it isn’t green, fuzzy, or moving,” it’s fair game. But there is no way in hell I’d ever eat anything that spent any time in a kitty litter bottle. And there is even less of a chance I’d ever consider eating anything made by this person ever again. I’ll be checking the trash at pot lucks for inappropriate food containers from here on out too!

    • Just the idea of a potluck gives me the creeps. Glad you agree that the line gets drawn WAY before kitty litter jugs in the kitchen. The upside is the amount of entertainment value that story has now brought.

      • Way, way, way before. And yes, the entertainment value is huge. I doubt anyone you ever meet will ever be able to top it.

        Hmmm, maybe for the next potluck I go to, I’ll grab an old antifreeze bottle from the shop… 😛

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