Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

This is another picture from my convoy from Baghdad to Kuwait in early 2004 like the infinite photo was.  This week’s challenge is eerie.  Eerie means strange and frightening.



During the convoy, my job was to keep an eye out on our surroundings, keep the driver awake and pray nothing would happen to my driver as I couldn’t drive the manual truck.  There were many mishaps during my two-day convoy, luckily none were life threatening, although the logistics were really poor.  We had a gunner standing up in a truck in front of us with a Mark 19 machine gun, however it was missing the firing pin (and was completely useless) so he was standing up as a deterrent more than anything.  It was a strange and frightening ride exasperated by me having to go to the bathroom for hours and hours and hours…

I hope you can see the stare down happening in my photo.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

    • Thanks Jeff! Yes, knowing the gun was useless and knowing I couldn’t drive the truck definitely made it more nerve wracking. Luckily it provided a few stories and a few photos and everyone was fine.

    • Thanks Hollis. Yeah not one of the calmer days, but quite memorable. Not sure eerie is the word I’d use but the definition clearly fits.

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