Now that I am officially unemployed, everyone seems to be asking me, what do I really want to do.  Now (apparently) is the perfect time to jump into my dream career!  I’m not sure I’ve pondered this question in a long long time, but let’s take a look back at some of my earlier dreams…

As young children, we are told we can be anything we want to be.  I don’t remember anyone ever contradicting this (lovely tall tale).  I don’t know why on earth I believed this atrocious fib, when I heard all the time of my mom’s and other adults unhappiness in the workplace.  I wanted to be a princess.

Now I can only guess at the whys, but seriously… who didn’t?  They made it look amazing… fabulous gowns, money, castles, jewels, animal friends, sing-song voices and each had their very own Prince Charming.  I mean yeah they had to run into hiding, none of them had aspirations of their own.

I wished Snow White would come to my house.  No, not to train me in her princess-y ways, but, because she liked to clean so much that she whistled while she worked.  If she liked to clean, that meant my mom and I could go out shopping.  I asked the Snow White at Disney World when she kissed me.  I never could negotiate for Snow White to come clean house.

I remember clearly when I went to a drive-in movie theater in a lovely lace nightie to see Cinderella.  I called my own Godmother “Bibbity Bobbity Boo” for ages.   That movie is probably due the credit/blame for my firm belief that an amazing pair of shoes can help make a better day.

A poster of Sleeping Beauty hung over my princess bed for most of my childhood.  It was the scariest and most magical of the three princess movies I grew up on.

Princesses Diana and Grace didn’t seem to be as happy in the gig as I imagined I would be as a child, and to be honest their Princes didn’t seem all that handsome or charming.  There are things though that I can’t be, and princess is indeed one of them.  Damn that Walt Disney for tricking all of us little girls into wanting to be rescued and wear pretty gowns and shoes.  I’ll probably just dress nicely in an actual paying job, and not count on man to rescue me.

Maybe the Grimm Brothers were more on target.  Their versions of the tales have more violence and treachery and more fable-like lessons.  What does Disney’s version of these tales really tell us… we’ll live happily ever after; find some dwarfs and start cleaning; don’t touch weird sharp spinning wheels that aren’t yours; stranger danger… ok that one’s actually legit and I do indeed avoid talking to strangers.

I had a third grade teacher, who was quite horrendous on all counts: he hated children, threw desks to ensure students were awake and most terrible of all in my humble opinion was reading the true versions of the Grimm fairy tales and ruining my imagined happily ever after endings.  If he hadn’t been such a jerk, I’d say perhaps he had good intentions to break us of expecting perfect endings.  But, alas he was a complete jerk.

Truth in advertising: I will never ever be a princess.  Job postings in search of princesses that I’ve applied to over the past 20 years of working… zero.

So for now, I don’t think I’ve come any closer to determining what my dream job is, but… unfortunately, I am ruling out princess.  If I wait to be rescued, it could be a LONG LONG time, and also as fun as napping is, being in a coma-like sleep would probably not be that awesome.

Tell me what you think!

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