Would anyone believe that while transiting from Portofino Beach Resort back to my home in DC…

  1. Roberto and I would be woken by a near monsoon storm causing our thatch hut roof to leak and making us wonder if we would be able to make it out of the resort.
  2. Take a 15 minute boat ride in yellow rain slickers from Portofino to San Pablo through said monsoon rain storm, during which I saw a shark fin not far from our boat.
  3. Take a 20 minute small prop plane (maybe 12 seater) from San Pedro to Belize City through the same storm.  No one got sick, but there was NO jovial talking like on the way into town.
  4. Next both Roberto and I needed a light lunch to settle our stomachs while waiting on our DELAYED flight to Miami.
  5. After we finally landed in Miami, the automated customs machines were frozen.  So after we were directed to use those, we then had to find a manned line to stand in.  The lovely customs official I finally met, had me hold my hair in a mock ponytail (as though I look significantly different with my hair down), show him a second picture ID, then asked me all about my job… or lack there of.  It was a very thorough check.  Go USA, I feel much safer!
  6. I then had to get my checked bag, to finish the customs process, only so I could re-check it.  Not sure if you saw this coming or not, but my luggage was on the wrong carousel.  I guess they split the flight between two carousel… which took more time than it should have.
  7. When I found a woman to ask about rechecking my luggage into DC, without looking up from… whatever important paper she was looking at… she told me the flight had already left.  Roberto and I informed her it had not in fact left and we had (nearly) an hour.  She didn’t take kindly to the argument and said I needed to go out to ticketing to find a new flight to get on.  Wonderful!
  8. I ran to ticketing carrying my bag, found the first class agent (who was not busy) and told her my sad sad story without calling the first airline agent any foul names.  She looked, saw my bag was already tagged, took it from me and directed us to security lines.
  9. With 20 minutes to boarding, I called my mom while in security to let her know I was back in the US and a nice man heard my story and let me cut him in line.
  10. Unfortunately, I forgot to throw away the water bottle that was tucked in my carry-on, because I had already done security in Belize.  The woman at the X-ray machine whispered a few times “I need a bag check.”  There is no way she said it audibly.  I asked if I could go get an agent to search my bag, because I was in a bit of a hurry.  I found someone who… threw the bottle away and handed me my bag.  Brilliant.
  11. After a quick tram ride and a little more running Roberto and I finally made it to our gate, onto our flight, and back home to DC where the temperature was ridiculously cold.  Good thing I thought bringing a jacket was a waste of space 🙂

Even the trip home was a travel adventure… every step of the way waiting to see how far we could get before we got stuck.  Fortunately, none of the delays stopped us and it was an adventure race through every boat ride, flight and run.  Think I’m being ridiculously dramatic?  Just ask Roberto!

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