My last few posts… may seem a little negative and not as pretty visually as I intended the majority of this blog to be.  So… to etch-a-sketch those mosquitoes, polluted beaches and travel woes out of your pretty heads… here is a short list of things I’m enjoying now!  Try them, hopefully you will too!

  1. Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies: IMG_0560 I use the Neiman Marcus cookie recipe, which is based on an Urban Legend.  This recipe makes 96 cookies so I cut it in half… because really who can eat 96 cookies?  The two types of chocolate, the oatmeal and the walnuts all make this a go-to favorite.  And… I freeze some of the dough so there are fresh cookies twice as often.
  2. Flow Yoga Classes
  3. Shameless on Showtime: Nothing makes me feel as good about being unemployed as watching the Gallagher clan survive each and every episode of Shameless while I job hunt from the comfort of my couch.  If they can get through each episode, surely I can survive being jobless and Valentine’s Day with ease.
  4. Pretend Trip Planning on Luxury Link.  If you really want to be daring, take a gamble and bid on the mystery auction.  It’s a little like Russian Roulette.  It gets a bit nerve-wracking when you’re actually winning and have no idea when you could go, who would go with you or how you would pay for a plane ticket to a mysterious location half-way across the globe.  It’s still a secret high… and a relief every time I lose.  One day I’ll actually go!
  5. Killing a little time on Fancy!  A little like Pinterest, but for SHOPPING!  While I was deployed, I ordered the monthly food boxes, which were full of fun surprises we made use of during our random picnics, mostly consisting of waffles and jam or cheese and crackers with fancy coffees and teas.  Now, I’m just having fun looking.

Let me know what you’re enjoying this month, and thanks for stopping by!


  1. I really really love your trip gambling! The cookies are amazing too, even with nuts…

    • Trip gambling is dangerous. One day I’ll win and go on one. I have cookie dough in the freezer for the little ones.

  2. I love your picture of the chocolate chip cookies! Yes, February is a dreary month. But it is good for online browsing and even shopping! Sales are good and we are expecting another winter storm…(Atlanta does not handle winter storms too well), so the beach clothes in stores now do not appeal. But the winter coats and
    Free People sweaters do.

    • Yes I’m very tired of winter weather as well. I’m hoping this next storm doesn’t wreck havoc on my travel plans. Nice to hear some of the things you’re enjoying this month as well!

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