Hello, I’m Unemployed

Hello, I’m Unemployed.

For all those jealous of my insane amount of free time, the fact that I haven’t turned a morning alarm on in closing in on two months and my complete disinterest in your concern over the weather… it’s not all amazingness.  This is a wonderful posting by Kat Short about the difficulty of filling the hours and feeling like a productive member of society which I struggle with daily.  Enjoy her posting!

2 thoughts on “Hello, I’m Unemployed

  1. Sorry to hear that there is still no luck with the job search. Chin up Beth, I’m sure something will come along soon.
    Jane x

    • Thanks so much Jane, I’m sure you’re right. I think everything might come together all at once. It’s just a bit of a dry spell at the moment. Good luck with your move home!

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