Over the past two weeks I’ve been meeting with contractors in the beginning stages of planning a bathroom remodel.  My master bathroom is slightly bigger than a coffin.  So far I’ve gotten two estimates and the difference between them… only $10,000.

One of my best friends has suggested I hire a husband a la Deborah Messing in The Wedding Date.  Isn’t giving in and admitting I can’t seem to get an honest quote (possibly) because I’m a single woman losing?

57bfcfe26139bc10d6b58e0a69c69e4aI had one contractor perhaps meaning well, perhaps not… who came off as chauvinistic. He told me maybe I should wait and save up for this project.  As in… you are a girl and you may not have a head for numbers.  And not… I know the costs I am quoting you are ridiculous and exorbitant.  Since I don’t really have a head for numbers, maybe I should go roll some pennies and ask my dad for a higher allowance.  I am in fact amazing at creating and even sticking to budgets and can think of bunches of ways I would rather spend the ridiculous amount of money quoted…

  1. Take a solo cruise to Antarctica on a National Geographic 14-day expedition from the US via Argentina and onto Antarctica
  2. Fly two people to Venice, in order to journey on the legendary Orient Express for three days to London
  3. Buy two around the world plane fares going from DC–> Lima, Peru –> Casablanca, Morocco –>  Athens, Greece –>  Mumbai, India –> Auckland, New Zealand –> San Francisco
  4. Mani/pedis at the salon once a month till I’m nearly 80 years old
  5. A seven-day French/Italian Riviera cruise (Nice to Rome) for me and three friends

OR… I could save my pennies and have a nicer coffin-sized (bathroom).  Tell me, what do you dream of spending money on?


2 thoughts on “IF I HAD A MILLION DOLLARS…

  1. What!! Are you having solid gold taps and hand cut marble everywhere Beth? That’s an awful lot of money, I would take the Orient Express trip personally! You know the best way to do the bathroom conversion is to source the materials yourself, then you are only paying for labour, and that way you can shop around and get exactly what you want. Using a contractor means he will add a premium on for everything he does. Unless you use a contractor who is big enough to have his own tradesmen, you will also pay your contractor an additional percentage on top of what a self employed tradesman would charge. If you can source your own tradesman for each element of the work, then it should work out a lot cheaper.
    Love the caravan photo btw! Maybe save your money for the Airstream…..
    Love, Jane xx

    • No golden fixtures Jane. I’m going to relook at the estimate without the materials, otherwise the project may go on hold indefinitely. I think if I had an amazing travel companion I would choose the around the world trip! I wonder if the Airstream has a nicer bathroom than my current… Hope you are well dear Jane.

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