Here’s a list of what I’m doing and looking forward to this month…

  1. Baked & WiredCupcake Tasting: With a friend in town, we went on our usual cupcake taste-testing spree. What you need to know… we unanimously decided Georgetown Cupcakes is just not that great.  What you should be trying (whenever the opportunity may arise) Baked and Wired and Sprinkles.  Let me know what your favorite cupcakery is!  And yes… after binge cupcake eating, I’m hoping one of May’s favorite things will be running.
  2. Taking photography courses: This month on my blog you may see a ridiculous number of Washington, DC touristy photographs between the National Cherry Blossom photos I’ve been taking and participating in a photo class later this month on the National Mall.
  3. Planning a new vacation: With the beautiful weather, I am dying to get out and explore new places.  This month I have pretend planned trips to Hawaii and San Francisco, because the other side of the country is almost like the other side of the world.  Maybe one of these days, I’ll decide to just pack up and go!
  4. lemon_gelatoLearning to make my own gelato:  Why yes, I did love last year’s gelato tour in Rome so much that I bought my own ice cream maker and am hoping I can learn to replicate my favorite lemon rosemary flavor this summer.  I’ll also admit that I bought a lemon tree and a rosemary plant, however the lemon tree won’t be producing a lemon anytime soon and the rosemary plant.. may need a funeral soon.  Luckily, they sell those things at stores.
  5. Watching Game of Thrones: my nerdy (and unemployed) self is thrilled to have a new show now that Shameless is through.

Let me know what you’re enjoying this month, and thanks for stopping by!


    • Thanks Jeff! I’m really excited to learn a bit. I’ll get back to you on whether the gelato is the worth the effort (crossing my fingers).

      • You’re very welcome. If I may, let me give you my number one photography tip, the one I give anyone who asks me how to make better photos. By an alarm clock and use it. I really don’t think I’m all that great a photographer, what I am great at is saying “screw sleep,” getting out insanely early, and being there when the light is gorgeous, and when most right minded people are still nice and comfy in their beds.

        So what I’m hearing here is, “when the gelato is a success I’ll send you some.” Does that sound right to you? 😛

        • Thanks for the advice Jeff! Sadly I love sleep too much to ever be great. I’ll try that out once in awhile though. I haven’t made the gelato yet, but I’m sure you don’t want a melty mess in the mail 😉

          • You’re in luck! The “golden hours” aren’t just for early risers, they occur and the lighting is often better, at the end of the day too. 😀

  1. What a lovely list Beth, and the photo’s have been amazing! This month, I’m going to start learning to play the guitar. I’m sure it’s going to be a (very) long term project 🙂 Hope you are well, and please share the gelato recipes!
    Janey xx

    • Thanks Jane! Guitar, that’s amazing. I am nearly certain I have zero musical talent. Good luck with your lessons. I will share any successful gelato recipes soon!

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