Here’s a list of what I’m enjoying this month…

  1. The Early Edition ( iPhone app ($2) that gives personalized weather, headlines, compliments, jokes, haikus and factoids and allows for a gradual wake-up process.  Today Miranda (the British voice) told me I don’t need hot pants because I’m hot enough in pants.  Who doesn’t like waking up to compliments?  I’ve never had an alarm clock make me smile.  She may keep me from hitting snooze, just so I can hear what she’s going to say next.  I expect Miranda is going to be my savior now that I have a reason to be timely again in the mornings 🙂IMG_2360
  2. Freshly picked strawberries from Charlottesville: keep an eye out for the strawberry gelato recipe to be posted this week!  For full disclosure, this will be my second attempt at strawberry gelato.  On the first attempt I did not open the ice cream maker box and pre-freeze the bowl.  So I tossed that entire batch.  This time I am an expert.  Tip number one: open the ice cream maker box and skim the instructions before your gelato is ready to go in.
  3. Getting my beach fix: Enjoying the (finally) warm weather, with the sound of waves in my ears and sand in between my toes – from Virginia beach along with the happiness of an amazing hotel deal from the Hotel Tonight app.  Pictures from my beach escape are here.
  4. Wild Poppy Mint Lemonade: A lovely lemonade with a mint kick.  You must try this tasty bottled beverage to know exactly how refreshing it is.  I get mine at The Fresh Market, but I imagine other specialty grocers carry it as well.
  5. The National Memorial Day Concert: Because Memorial Day isn’t just for drunken barbecues it’s a day of remembrance to those troops who gave their lives.  The National Memorial Concert is hosted by Gary Sinese and Joe Mantegna and takes place Sunday, May 26 at 8pm EST on the West Lawn of the US Capitol.  It is also televised on PBS.  If you watch you may need a tissue, but it is touching in all the ways the holiday is meant to be celebrated.

Let me know what you’re enjoying this month, and thanks so much for stopping by!

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