chinstandJust over a year ago I began my journey in yoga.  I went because I was unemployed and needed some routine that got me out of the house.  I continue to go because of how strong it makes me feel and because my other worries melt away.
When I began, I felt very unsure of myself, in class because I didn’t know the poses the teacher verbally cued, and outside of class because I was unsure of what the future would hold for me both in love and in regaining employment.  Yoga reminds me to focus on the present and not to worry about the things that are outside my control.  Of course it doesn’t always work… I am far from being the calmest or most patient person out there, but even a few moments of clarity and calmness give me an amazing sense that I am in control of the way I live my life.  I used to turn to a glass of wine (or an amazing cocktail) to settle myself after a bad day and now (most days) I am turning to yoga and saving that wine for a fun night out of laughter with friends.
Having been a figure skater eons ago, I feel like I have retained a bit of muscle memory and am gaining my flexibility and balance back at a steady pace.  I hope that I will maintain my interest and ability to do yoga for the rest of my days and continue to grow and learn each and everyday.
If you are interested, I did not create this, but it is a great guide to poses.

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