After a 15 minute (40 Euro) taxi ride from the airport to the pedestrian-only alley-ways of Old Town Seville – I walked in circles with my belongings on my back in 90 degree heat for an hour.  This is not the introduction to the city that I was hoping for.  Luckily after what felt like my 1,000th time down the same alley – which I was pondering lying down in – I found the reservation office for my hotel.  I was then able to drop my bag off and unfortunately had more time to walk around in the heat before I could fully recoup and freshen up.  To cool off I sat at an outdoor patio in a beautiful little square for a sangria but was shooed to a table without a tablecloth because I wasn’t going to buy food.  Hmmm… come on Seville…

Finally I relaxed, things improved and the city was quite lovely.  My hotel was very close to The Real Alcazar palace, the Cathedral and the General Archives of the Indies (all three are UNESCO Heritage sites).  I visited all three, as well as saw a Flamenco show at the Museo del Baile Flamenco.

On a walking tour I met a very fun couple Rita and Frank and spent much of my time in Seville exploring and eating with them.  Together we toured and ate and drank our way through seville.  Our recommendations are the beer at the Seville International Brewery, the tapas at Taberna Coloniales and the gelato at Heladeria Villar.

My hotel had a beautiful crisp clean room with a kitchenette and a convenient location, however the walls were beyond tissue paper thin.  I often thought people were in my room snoring and conversation were so loud.  This was only exacerbated when a bride and groom running through the streets pushed past me only to be racing to the room next to mine.  On my last night in town the fire alarm went off three times my last night.  The tour guide wasn’t joking when he said in Seville people seem to really love the noise.

My next post will be the pictures from the Real Alcazar palace and the water gardens – sadly Jamie Lannister was not available for guided tours during my visit.


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