Here’s a list of what I’m enjoying this month…

  1. Catching a Few Flicks: Heading out to see Hector and the Search for Happiness and Gone Girl this month.  Hector is one of my favorite books.
  2. rockefellerSkating at Rockefeller Center’s Ice Rinkduring a beautiful day on opening weekend in NYC.
  3. Visiting a Hard to Find Speakeasy in Grand Central Station
  4. A Visit to One of Travel + Leisure’s Coolest Rooftop Bars in America: The Skylark.  The review – the views were breathtaking, the service and drinks were not so great.
  5. Taking a trip to the top of the Washington Monument: finally reopened this year after earthquake damage which closed the monument for two and a half years.

Let me know what you’re enjoying this month, and thanks so much for stopping by!


Here’s a list of what I’m enjoying this month…

  1. Watching Yankee Doodle Dandy: No one knows why this movie from 1942 was my childhood favorite, but I continue to tear up watching it every Independence Day.  There is a rumor I yelled at my mom long after my bedtime while watching the movie from my bedroom doorway through some mirrors when the VCR suddenly stopped recording just prior to the finale.  The film tells the story of George M. Cohan and won three Oscars.  I’ll warn you this may be a spoiler scene but in case you don’t get around to watching the entire flick at least give the four minute finale a look! 
  2. Reading Wild: This travelogue by Cheryl Strayed tells her adventures hiking the Pacific Crest Trail inexperienced and alone.
  3. Listening to summer thunderstorms: I LOVE the black and blue sky that sometimes takes on a green hue, which always reminds me of a nasty bruise.  Unfortunately, the weather has been delaying my next beach excursion.
  4. IMG_2521Bird Watching: From my kitchen window birds are now fighting for space at the bird feeder I bought.  In hopes that I do not sound like a crazy cat lady, I got this bird feeder to entertain my cat, which of course is also entertaining me.
  5. Trip Planning (and calling for all suggestions): for San Francisco!

Let me know what you’re enjoying this month, and thanks so much for stopping by!


Here’s a list of what I’m enjoying this month…

  1. Working again:  Does anymore need to be said about this?  Although I miss sleeping in, and have already begun planning vacations to escape.  The promise of a paycheck is worth waking up for!
  2. The Fault with the Stars: The book, not the movie.  I refuse to go see the movie in
    public, because I can’t imagine crying like I did while reading the book in front of anyone.  It’s a young adult book, but it really is quite amazing.
  3. Bathroom Remodel:  The promise that this may be the month I get an all shiny and new master bathroom.  Demolition begins today, so stay tuned for news on that.
  4. Blow Drying Class: My hair salon held a free and informative blow drying tutorial this month.  Hopefully I’ll keep away from my formerly lazy ways even when I’m not sipping on champagne.  I swear the champagne did wonders though!
  5. Mastering my headstand: After nearly four months of yoga, I can now do my headstand without the assistance of a nearby wall.  If you would like to learn one as well, checkout this video!

Let me know what you’re enjoying this month, and thanks so much for stopping by!


Here’s a list of what I’m doing and looking forward this month… let’s start Spring off with some beautiful weather and tulips coming to life!


  1. That Spring will be here any day (cross your fingers):  My tulips are beginning to break through the ground.  If my flowers can be strong enough to last through the winter, and reach for the sky… I certainly can be too, right?  I’ve been busy planning what I want to plant on my small patio. I’m just waiting for the end of the snow before I start… whatever I decide on will have to live through my blackened thumb treatment, no use in making them survive frosts too!
  2. Cherry Blossom Festival:  The dates this year are March 20th – April 14th.  I hope you manage to escape to my backyard and see the beautiful blossoms!
  3. Reading Cupcakes and Cashmere by Emily Schuman: after becoming a fan of her blog (of the same name).  The book is broken up seasonally and is a guide to fashion/home/entertaining.  While unemployed, I am reorganizing every facet of my home. So that even if my life isn’t in perfect working order… my house will be!  Oh… and the book starts with Spring, so you can follow along if you get it this month!
  4. Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies:  So I know last month I said… who needs to try new cookie recipes if you have one you love, but… if you do you may find ANOTHER recipe you love!
  5. Watching The Americans: The Americans is set in the 1980s, and is the story of two Soviet KGB officers posing as an American couple living in the D.C. suburbs. Season two just began on FX last week.  

Let me know what you’re enjoying this month, and thanks for stopping by!


No matter how dreary and gray our homes are, we people of flesh and blood would rather live there than in any other country, be it ever so beautiful. There is no place like home.

–L. FRANK BAUM, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz


Why Oz?

A tornado of life changing events caused me to deploy again.  I got separated, divorced, quit a job, got a new job, got a roommate, lost a roommate and in general had a roller coaster of a year.

Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, the real world was making me dizzy and things were spinning out of control.  I needed a bit of a breather from the world and the idea of a bit of financial security didn’t hurt either.  In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy learns to miss and appreciate the life she has back in Kansas with Auntie Em and Uncle Henry.  I think deploying has given me perspective on an entire year of change and prepped me with a new appreciation to return with.

My tour here is finally up though and I am ready to click my beautiful heels (which I CANNOT WAIT to get back into) and be home!  Home to my family, friends, cat (playing the role of Toto who took a separate adventure all his own), house and to start a new chapter in my life.  This one is now over and a new one is just beginning.