Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts

Last week’s challenge is a photo capturing contrasts.  I’m a little late in completing this one, but since there’s no challenge for this week… let’s pretend I’m timely.

My entry this week is of the contrast between these Mennonite women playing in the water at Virginia Beach and traditional American women’s beach attire.  Rather than creepily take pictures of women scantily clad in their bikinis, you’ll have to just imagine the stark contrast. On July 5, 1946 the bikini was invented, making yesterday National Bikini Day.


In the spirit of enjoying the warm weather before it becomes too unbearable to enjoy, I drove a few hours south to Virginia Beach.  I stayed overnight using Hotel Tonight and no joke spent less than $60 (you get $25 off the first time you use the site) on a suite with a balcony overlooking the beach.  As always, the beach allowed for some excellent people watching… here are a few snippets of my day.


With crisper weather beginning to arrive in the DC area and even the politicians… pondering cooling off (might we say doing their jobs) and coming to a compromise soon, here are some lovely leaves and fall foliage to get you feeling cool and like it is autumn – wherever you might be!