The 2016 solo adventure is booked!

Initially I was considering Peru and an inclusive tour traveling between the Amazon, Lake Titicaca and hiking Machu Picchu. After reading several blogs and articles, the mosquitos talked me out of the trip (for now). One blog suggested slathering yourself in an unscented shampoo building a barrier between your skin and the mosquitos…which sounds incredibly disgusting and not what I’m in the mood to sign up for this trip. After remembering the number of mosquitos I met on my trip to Belize, and considering the zika virus… I decided to pass (for now).  

Then I considered where else I would want to travel alone and again and again I was dreaming of the Mediterranean Sea I fell in love with last year. So…rather than go to Italy for the fourth time… I will be taking my longest and farthest adventure yet! Fifteen days in Athens and three Greek islands. And, after spending over 24 hours in the Barcelona airport last year, I made sure to end my trip on a Friday in case there is another crazy delay. 


My plan to have an Italian adventure was formed and completely booked in about two days while in Afghanistan (let’s call it sheer determination or desperately needing something fun and new to look forward to).  I was going to travel alone.  I wanted to travel, and if I wait till I find someone with time, money and who wants to go with me… it felt like I could be waiting forever… and I deserved to have something wonderful to look forward to after Afghanistan.  Somehow I didn’t get caught up in the fact that I could go anywhere or do anything… I’m not sure how as I usually have trouble just deciding what to wear.

I picked Rome, Cinque Terre, Florence and Capri and I would do all of them in a week.  How I chose those places?  I have no idea.

Of those cities, I had only been to Rome (twice) before, so it was going to be home base and I would fly in and out of there since I was a bit familiar with it.  I booked three tours through a company called Viator that I found while looking at the Lonely Planet website.  Somehow simultaneously I picked the cities, found the hotels (nothing fancy) and booked the tours.  The tours I picked were:  Espresso, Gelato and Tiramisu (in Rome), Skip the Line: Florence Walking Tour with Accademia Gallery, and a Day Trip to Capri from Rome.


The Plan:

Sunday: Fly to Rome

Monday: Arrive in Rome in the morning,  and attend the Espresso, Gelato, Tiramisu tour in the afternoon

Tuesday: Take a morning train from Rome to Cinque Terre

Wednesday: Take an evening train from Cinque Terre to Florence

Thursday: In the morning take the Florence walking tour, then take an evening train back to Rome

Friday: Take the day trip from Rome to Capri

Saturday: Fly  home

It didn’t seem ambitious and it was packed full of new things to see at every glance so there was never going to be time to be bored or lonely.  The upcoming blog posts will be highlights of my trip adventures.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!